Example: Links from term or keyword elements

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Part 3: All-Inclusive Edition

OASIS DITA Technical Committee

The keyref attribute enables authors to specify that references to keywords or terms in a DITA topic can be rendered as a link to an associated resource.

In this scenario, a company with well-developed glossary wants to ensure that instances of a term that is defined in the glossary always include a link to the glossary topic.

  1. An information architect adds values for the keys attribute to all the of the topicref elements that are in the DITA map for the glossary, for example:

      <title>Company-wide glossary</title>
      <topicref keys="term-1" href="term-1.dita"/>
      <topicref keys="term-2" href="term-2.dita"/>
      <topicref keys="term-3" href="term-3.dita"/>
      <topicref keys="term-4" href="term-4.dita"/>
  2. When authors refer to a term in a topic, they use the following mark-up:

    <term keyref="term-1"/>

    When the term element is rendered, the content is provided by the title element of the glossary topic. The term element also is rendered as a link to the glossary topic.