Domains and constraints in the OASIS specification

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Part 1: Base Edition

OASIS DITA Technical Committee

OASIS distributes grammar files for a set of domains and constraints.

A designation of (map) after the domain name indicates that the domain only specializes map elements; a designation of (topic) indicates that the domain specializes elements that are only available in topic or that it can only be used in topics. A designation of (map/topic) indicates that the domain specializes elements that are common to both maps and topics, so could be used in either even if it is generally intended for one or the other. Attribute domains can always be used in both topics and maps.

Table. Base domains
Domain Description Short name
Classify (map) For associating content in a map with subjects in a subject scheme. classify-d
Conref delayed resolution (map/topic) For delaying resolution of conref or keyref on some elements. delay-d
deliveryTarget attribute Attribute for filtering based on delivery target. N/A
Ditavalref (map) For filtering a branch of a map. ditavalref-d
Hazard statements (map/topic) For providing detailed information about safety hazards. hazard-d
Highlighting (map/topic) For highlighting when the appropriate semantic element does not exist yet. hi-d
Indexing (map/topic) For extended indexing functions such as see and see-also. indexing-d
Map group (map) Utility elements for use in maps. mapgroup-d
Utilities (map/topic) For providing imagemaps, sort keys, and other useful structures. ut-d