Simpletable attribute group

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Part 2: Technical Content Edition

OASIS DITA Technical Committee

The simpletable attribute group includes several attributes that are defined on the simpletable element and simpletable specializations. These attributes are not defined for the OASIS exchange table (table).

Defines the column that can contains headings for each row. No value indicates no key column. When present, the numerical value causes the specified column to be treated as a vertical header.
Specifies the width of each column in relationship to the width of the other columns. The value is a space separated list of relative column widths; each column width is specified as a positive integer or decimal number followed by an asterisk character.

For example, the value relcolwidth="1* 2* 3*" gives a total of 6 units across three columns. The relative widths are 1/6, 2/6, and 3/6 (16.7%, 33.3%, and 50%). Similarly, the value relcolwidth="90* 150*" causes relative widths of 90/240 and 150/240 (37.5% and 62.5%).

The refcols attribute is currently undefined, and is reserved for future use.