Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Part 2: Technical Content Edition

OASIS DITA Technical Committee

The choicetable element contains a series of optional choices available within a step of a task.

By default, processors highlight the choice column using bold. To change the highlighting, set the keycol attribute of the choicetable tag to 0 (zero).

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


- topic/simpletable task/choicetable

<step><cmd>Then this</cmd>
    <substep importance="optional"><cmd>which is done by doing this</cmd></substep>
    <substep importance="required"><cmd>and then this.</cmd></substep>
      <choptionhd>Do something</choptionhd>
      <chdeschd>Or Else this</chdeschd>
    <chrow><choption>Do this</choption>
      <chdesc>and this will happen</chdesc></chrow>
    <chrow><choption>Do that</choption>
      <chdesc>and that will happen</chdesc></chrow>


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group, Display attribute group, Simpletable attribute group (with a narrowed definition of keycol, given below), outputclass, and spectitle.
On this element, the default value for keycol is "1". Otherwise, the attribute is the same as defined in Simpletable attribute group.