The keys attribute

Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Version 1.3 Part 2: Technical Content Edition

OASIS DITA Technical Committee

A keys attribute consists of one or more space-separated keys. Map authors define keys using a topicref or topicref specialization that contains the keys attribute. Each key definition introduces an identifier for a resource referenced from a map. Keys resolve to the resources given as the href value on the key definition topicref element, to content contained within the key definition topicref element, or both.

The keys attribute uses the following syntax:
  • The value of the keys attribute is one or more space-separated key names.
  • Key names consist of characters that are legal in a URI. The case of key names is significant.
  • The following characters are prohibited in key names: "{", "}", "[", "]", "/", "#", "?", and whitespace characters.

A key cannot resolve to sub-topic elements, although a keyref attribute can do so by combining a key with a sub-topic element id.